Hebei Runtian Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000. Based on the trade of industrial and emergency rescue products, the company is mainly engaged in the sales, maintenance and inspection of safety equipment, safety equipment and instruments. The company has passed the CMA, CNAS laboratory certification and special equipment inspection and testing organization approval and obtained ISO9001 quality, environment, occupational health, safety system certification, service in the industrial market, industrial product testing including safety valve, air breathing apparatus, gas detector testing calibration; In recent years, the company has increased the inspection and inspection of offshore tourism, fishery operation and domestic and international ocean-going vessels' fire and life-saving equipment and radio. The inspection and maintenance items include: Fire extinguisher, CARBON dioxide and HFC-227ea fire extinguishing station and fixed large fire extinguishing system, fire alarm system, life raft, lifeboat, immersion thermal insulation, radio, voyage data recorder (VDR), GMDSS equipment shore maintenance, Marine gas detector, Marine safety valve, etc. It has successively obtained the inspection qualification of China Classification Society CCS, ABS Classification Society and DNV-GL, etc., serving for various ship inspection and maintenance industry.



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